Matteo Vari, the talented Roman master pizza chef.

of Antonio Simone

Matteo Vari, the talented Roman master pizza chef, emerged victorious at the “Tutto Pizza” competition in Naples, securing his spot in the final stage of the prestigious Master Pizza Champion.

With his mesmerizing skills, Vari captivated the judges at the Mostra d’Oltremare, outshining competitors from all over Italy and earning himself a ticket to the final phase, set to air on Sky starting October 2nd.

This exceptional achievement marks a significant milestone in the career of the skilled maestro of the pizza-making art.

The renowned pizzeria La Nuova Italia, represented by Pasquale and Paolo Barretta from Secondigliano, Raffaele Somma, owner of La Gustosa in Pompei, and Luigi Petrone from Vesuvio in Naples, had the honor of tasting the pizzas created during the competition.

They were joined by Giuseppe Barretta and Luciano Passeri, who coordinated the event. Throughout the day, the judges diligently evaluated and cast their votes based on the appearance, taste/cooking, and pairing of each pizza presented.

Matteo Vari impressed everyone with his truly unique pizza creation, aptly named “Lady 2.0.” This exquisite masterpiece featured marinated salmon atop a bed of arugula, accompanied by citrus-infused duchess potato, all crafted using a pure blend of Elmo soft wheat flour.

Vari’s dough, prepared with an indirect leavening technique called “biga,” allowed the flavors and aromas to fully blossom, elevating the overall experience.

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