Pizza and Spiritual Well-Being

Luigi D’Auria: The Pizza Shaman

of Antonio Simone

Luigi D’Auria, 47 years old, a descendant of a long line of bakers and pizza makers, has received numerous accolades throughout his career. On social media, he refers to himself as a pizza maker – shaman. In his recently renovated establishment, Mondo Pizza Vomero, he has introduced a revolutionary concept of food based on holistic practices, through the “well-being pizza,” opening up new possibilities. This article explores Luigi D’Auria’s incredible journey into the world of orgone, cosmic energy, and Reiki.

The Origin of Orgone and Cosmic Energy

Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer in bioenergetics and a psychiatrist, was the first to coin the term “orgone.” In Eastern philosophies, this cosmic energy is known as “prana” or “chi” and is seen as the primal force from which everything in our universe originates. This concept forms the core of Luigi D’Auria’s vision.

The Orgone Chamber: A Place of Energetic Transformation

Luigi D’Auria has introduced an “orgone chamber” in his pizzeria, a structure entirely constructed from wood and steel. This chamber, through its construction and materials used, has the ability to accumulate and concentrate high doses of orgone energy. As a press release states, anything placed inside this chamber will be positively energized, transforming the food into an extraordinary experience.

A Harmony of Natural Ingredients

Luigi D’Auria’s pizza is a culinary masterpiece that combines high-quality natural ingredients. The flours used contain bran and wheat germ, while the water for the dough is purified and ozonized. Furthermore, to enhance the pizza’s beneficial properties, natural probiotics are added along with sourdough. This combination offers an extraordinary aroma, flavor, and digestibility, as demonstrated by researchers and professors at the University of Federico II in Agraria.

The Pizza Reiki Project and Energization during Fermentation

Luigi D’Auria, with his “Pizza Reiki Project,” demonstrates that there is a different way to nourish ourselves while respecting traditional crops, timing, and techniques. However, he goes further by introducing the orgone chamber to positively energize the food during the fermentation process. This innovative approach acknowledges that the quality of food has a direct impact on our lives and health. We eat to nourish not only our bodies but also our souls.

A Revolution in Cuisine

Luigi D’Auria has ushered in a new era in gastronomy with his well-being pizza, orgone energy, and Reiki. His quest for harmony between food and spirit shows that food can be much more than just a meal; it can be a spiritual experience. Discovering the secrets of his pizza and his “orgone chamber” is a fascinating journey that combines tradition and innovation, nourishing both the body and the soul.

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